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Use the power of the internet to communicate simply and cheaply across the globe.*Stellacom… the world just got smaller
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Internet phones with a human face. We at Stellacom believe that you should have all the great advantages of internet phones, but also have a real person at the end of the phone (local rate call) to talk to!

Stellacom is cheap and easy to use. Use either our computer softphone, office telephone or even a regular phone, including cordless phones, with our adaptor!

Low rates - 1.5 pence (2 Euro cents) per minute to landlines in UK, US and most of Europe.

Business packages are available with everything you’d expect from your business phone plus a lot more.

Want a second line at home? Want a New York phone number? Paris? London? Milan? With free incoming calls, friends, family and business contacts can contact you simply at the cost of a local phone call.

Cheap, simple and incredibly flexible – ideal for home, home office or business use.


* high-speed (broadband) internet connection required

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