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Stellacom Virtual PBX

A big company phone system for a small company price!

Imagine your office phone system, with all the functionality of a big company phone system, but simple and affordable. The Stellacom Virtual PBX is just that. There is no need for hardware to buy or maintain – we look after all of that. All you have are phones connected to your usual office computer network.
Not having a traditional PBX means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining or upgrading hardware –any changes required are a phone call or email away – no need to wait for an engineer to visit.
Our Virtual PBX system simply plugs into your office network so you can move any phone to any socket on your computer network without having to reconfigure the phone. Move phones to any internet connection! This allows employees to take a phone home with them and make their home office an extension of the office network.
The Stellacom Virtual PBX phone system offers you all the normal PBX features plus:
Simple conferencing from your phone
*        Ideal for 2 or 3 people
Advanced conferencing
*        Employees call an extension and enter a PIN number for bigger conferences (up to 30 people)
*        Accessed from any phone as normal and/or receive as an email with a small voice file that you can listen to on your computer. 
*        Available on all extensions. 
*        Configure extensions to forward to another extension or divert to any telephone number. 
*        This feature has the facility to transfer at a certain time or if specified conditions are met such as number of rings.
Free calls between sites
*        Multiple sites can appear as a single phone system anywhere in the world.
Interactive Voice Response
*        If desired (i.e. Press 1 for sales, etc.)
Intelligent routing
*        Configure your incoming phone calls however you want using our website.
*        Possibilities include a particular extension, ring at multiple extensions, ring one extension after another or even to whomever has had the least number of calls that day.
Direct extension phone numbers
*        You can also set direct phone numbers for particular extensions, saving time waiting for the operator.
Multiple phone numbers
*        Your company can have multiple international phone numbers routing to your phone system. 
Multiple lines
*        Use as many lines as needed to make calls simultaneously. 
*        Use multiple incoming lines so customers will never hear an engaged tone. 
*        Broadband internet connection determines capacity of concurrent calls.
Free soft phone
*        We offer a software phone for your computer that is especially useful when travelling.
*        As long as your laptop is connected to the internet, you can appear to be in your office from any location in the world.
Per-extension billing
*        View company phone calls per extension on our website.
Please contact us for more details and pricing.
*Broadband internet connection required – Please discuss bandwidth requirements with your account representative or support.

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