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Stellacom provides cheap, flexible internet based telephone service to customers all over Europe.

Cheap Phone Calls
*        Free calls between Stellacom customers.
*        International calls from 1 ½ pence / 2 Euro cents per minute. 
*        Check out our rates.
International Phone Numbers
*        Have friends, family or clients abroad?
*        Wouldn’t it be great if they could call you at local rates?
*        Take as many numbers as you like, forward them anywhere you like.     
*        We offer phone numbers from major cities all over the world.  View countries available.

No Computer Needed – Use a Regular Phone
*        All you need is our little adapter and high-speed internet service.
Free Voicemail – By Email or Phone
*        You can receive Voicemail on your email, phone or mobile.
Fax to Email
*        With Fax to Email service you can receive faxes to your email (only £5.00 +VAT  per month).


Sign up for FREE and start making calls.

There are no hidden charges or conditions.

** Please note that in the event you are unable to create an account please email our Support Dep. support@stellacom.com with your details or phone us directly

Tel:  +44 207 100 7952 


 *High Speed Internet Connection Required

Please note: Incoming calls to DID numbers are limited to 2 concurrent calls per account.


Sign up now | Tell me more | Home | About Us | Our Rates | Contact Us